Printer policy exception with every refresh

  • 7014237
  • 06-Dec-2013
  • 09-Dec-2013


Novell ZENworks Configuration Management 11.2.4
Microsoft Windows 7
Microsoft Windows XP


Assigned printer policy with Local TCP/IP printer works as expected but with every refresh the following exception is logged on ZCC in the "Message Log" section of the device and in %zenworks_home%\logs\zmd-messages.log on the device

[printer policy] [] [Exception while adding printer <printer_name> of type Local] [] []
[printer policy] [] [Exception stack trace is
Exception Details: Eine externe Komponente hat eine Ausnahme ausgelöst.
   bei Novell.Zenworks.PolicyHandlers.PrinterPolicy.ZenworksPrinterProviderPINVOKE.PrinterProvider_AddPermissionsForUser(HandleRef jarg1, String jarg2, String jarg3)
   bei Novell.Zenworks.PolicyHandlers.PrinterPolicy.PrinterProvider.AddPermissionsForUser(String printerName, String userName)
   bei Novell.Zenworks.PolicyHandlers.PrinterPolicy.PrinterProviderWrapper.AddDevicePrinter(PrinterType printer)
   bei Novell.Zenworks.PolicyHandlers.PrinterPolicy.PrinterPolicyHandler.InstallDevicePrinter(PrinterType printer)
   bei Novell.Zenworks.PolicyHandlers.PrinterPolicy.PrinterPolicyHandler.HandleDevicePrinterPolicy(PrinterType() printerList)] [] []

Despite of the logged error, the assigned printer works as expected.


Create on the affected device a user (not a group) "Everyone", there are no additional attributes needed;disable this user (for security reasons).


The user "Everyone" is hardcoded and doesn't exist on system with language setting different than English.

Additional Information

The problem has been observed to occur after the update to 11.2.4 and only on devices with language different than English.