Tips for getting local software files into report

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  • 05-Dec-2013
  • 05-Dec-2013


Novell ZENworks Configuration Management 11.2


Tips for creating local product in Local Product Reports


  1. When creating the local product from a file, the date and size needs to be accurate.  The size is size in bytes.  The best way I have found of getting this is to look in the inventory .xml when the file is picked up as a Software File.  It will give you the exact number.  EXE files tend to get the size correctly when a local product is created.  If the result shows the file size as 0 bytes and incorrect date, enter the corrected size and date.
  2. Select the local product, then go to Action in the Menu and select Update Knowledgebase with local product changes.  The merge can take a while.  Make sure if finishes.
  3. Even though the software file has already been picked up in the inventory, once the Local Product has been created, the inventory scan must be done again. 

    With that second scan, it will pick it up as a Software Product instead of a software file.

    In the wif xml file, Software Product has <Product></Product> tags.  Software File has <Filescan></Filescan> tags.