Unable to paste images into new email

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  • 04-Dec-2013
  • 05-May-2014


Novell GroupWise 2012


When trying to paste an image into a message, it will not work
Cannot paste images into email


This issue is being cause by upgrading Internet Explorer to IE11.  If the workstation has IE11 installed with GroupWise 2012 and this is happening,  the resolutions listed should fix the issue.

  1. Click start button and type in search box "installed updates"
  2. Find Internet Explorer 11, right-click and uninstall

OR (If uninstalling IE11 is not practical and you have Microsoft Office installed)

  1. Open the GroupWise Client
  2. Click Tools | Options | Environment
  3. Click Editors/Viewers tab.
  4. Click Microsoft Word as your selection for both Compose plain text using and Compose HTML using
A pre-release Field Test File (FTF) can be requested from Novell Technical Services.  This defect has been addressed in pre-release code for what will be Service Pack 3.  Although not guaranteed, the correction will likely be included in SP3 when released.
Reported to Engineering


This is being caused by updating Internet Explorer to IE11