Bundle fails while launching executable through network path

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  • 03-Dec-2013
  • 04-Dec-2013


Novell ZENworks Configuration Management 11.2 Bundles


Launching an executable stored in a network path fails with the following errors:
Windows error: The specified network password is not correct
Windows error: The network path was not found


Possible resolution scenarios:

1) Change the 'Network Provider Order' on the workstation, to ensure protocol precedence when accessing the NCP volume.

2) Change ZENworks bundle to reference an NDS-style volume naming convention, as follows:
\\Identity\.copnas_DATA.pts\path or \\Treename\.server_VOLUME.context\path (there is an underline character '_' between server and VOLUME)

Some caveats: This will force a NCP connection, no matter what the 'Network Provider Order' list looks like.

3) Reconfigure SMB (CIFS), and NCP server to bind different IP addresses. Also, make sure these IP addresses are mapped to different DNS Names. Then reference a server via DNS name, selecting which protocol will be used to access the network path.


The NCP volume where the executable is stored can be accessed by NCP, and SMB (CIFS) protocols. Thus, if the workstation has the Novell Client installed, it will use NCP to access the volume; on the other hand if the workstation doesn't have the Novell Client installed, it will use SMB (CIFS) to access the volume. ZENworks has no control over which protocol will be used to access the volume, and the task will be solely handled by Windows, which will most likely use the first Network Provider available in the 'Network Provider Order'.