An error occurred exporting iPrint server configuration.

  • 7014187
  • 26-Nov-2013
  • 02-Dec-2013


Novell iPrint Appliance 1.0


The following error is returned after clicking the "Export" button within the "Export Configuration" page of the iPrint Appliance Management Console (https://<IPorDNSofiPrintAppliance>:9443)

An error occurred exporting iPrint server configuration.

Details show:
com.novell.admin.common.server.datamodel.beans.DataModelException: Backup script exited with error code: 127


  1. Backup the custom PPDs.
    • Copy all of the PPDs from /var/opt/novell/iprintmobile/drivers/ to a workstation
  2. Capture printer driver configuration commmands from the 1.0 iPrint Appliance
    • Type this command at a terminal session (putty, or otherwise):
      • history | grep > /tmp/DriverConfigurationCommands.log
    • Copy the /tmp/DriverConfigurationCommands.log to a workstation.
  3. Download the updated script.
    • Type these command at a terminal session (putty, or otherwise):
      • wget -P /opt/novell/iprintmobile/bin/
      • chmod 775 /opt/novell/iprintmobile/bin/
  4. Export the Configuration
    • Go to the Management Console
      • https://<ip or dns>:9443
    • "Export Configuration"
      • Provide the eDirectory administrator password
      • Click Export
      • Save the .zip file to your workstation
  5. Import the 1.0 configuration to the newer appliance
    • Download the 1.0.1 or later iPrint Appliance image
      • Create the new installation with the same IP address, same DNS name, same passwords.
    • Choose Upgrade when prompted at the Management Console.
      • Browse to the .zip file from the 1.0 export.
  6. Apply the same customer driver configuration to the new Appliance installation
    • Once the import is complete, configure printers for the custom printer drivers.
      • rcnovell-iprint-mobile stop
    • Execute each of the commands in the DriverConfigurationCommands.log for each printer you want a custom driver assigned.
    • After executing all the commands for the printers you want custom drivers assigned, start the iPrint Mobile service:
      • rcnovell-iprint-mobile start


This error will occur if the following RPM from KB 7013074 was installed on the server:


To determine the version of the novell-iprint-mobile RPM installed on the server, type this command at a terminal session:

rpm -qa | grep novell-iprint-mobile