SUSE Manager system entitlements not matching Novell Customer Center subscriptions

  • 7014178
  • 26-Nov-2013
  • 26-Nov-2013


SUSE Manager 1.7
SUSE Manager 1.2


SUSE Manager does not display the correct amount of system entitlements (-> Admin Login -> Admin -> Subscriptions -> System Entitlements) registered to a given Novell Customer Center account.


Please make sure the additional subscriptions have been correctly registered to the Novell Customer Center account and are listed. For details please refer to the email containing the activation code. Execute as root
mgr-ncc-sync -r
on the SUSE Manager to refresh product and subscription information (without triggering a channel sync) then check whether in the web interface again if the amount of system entitlements changed.


By default SUSE Manager ships with a use count of 10 for Management, Provisioning, Monitoring, Virtualization and Virtualization Platform system entitlements. In order to expand the number of systems manageable by SUSE Manager, additional system entitlements need to be ordered.

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