GroupWise client search results missing items in a find.

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  • 22-Nov-2013
  • 22-Nov-2013


Novell GroupWise


When preforming a find from the GroupWise client, a year or two worth if items are missing from the search results.


This can happen if the user's indexes are not caught up. This is more common for users with a large number of items in their mailbox. Indexes are used by the POA during finds to make the finds go faster.
To find out if there are users in your system that are behind on their indexes do the following:
1) Enable verbose logging on the POA.
2) From the POA HTTP console go to the configuration page.
3) Click on the Quickfinder Indexing hyperlink.
4) Run the indexes once on the post office by selecting the Update Indexes Only radio button, then click submit.  
5) After the quickfinder has completed, search the POA logs from the Log Files tab for the string: "Updating Quickfinder".
The results will look something like this:
11:26:21 0F5C Updating QuickFinder index: usermsm.db (36029)
11:26:21 0F5C Updating QuickFinder index: user8uo.db (72)
11:26:21 0F5C Updating QuickFinder index: userdiq.db (12)
The number to the right of the user's database number is the number of items that still need to be indexed. In the example above the usermsm.db still has 36029 items left to be indexed.
6) To catch the user up on its indexes go back to the quickfinder page and select the following:
Update Indexes Only
Indexing Level: Continuous
Uncheck: Sweep Document Library for Replications
Uncheck: Index Document Library before User DBs
Enter the user's FID (in this case it is msm) in the Beginning User FID and Ending User FID fields.
Then click submit.
This will run quickfinder indexing on the user's database until all the items have been indexed.
After this completes perform the search again from the client and the missing items should show up again.


Whenever a user database is rebuilt, all of the mail items in the user database are queued up to be reindexed.
The default level of normal for quickfinder indexing only indexes 1000 items per user. Thus if the user is 30,000 items behind in indexing it will take at least 30 quickfinder indexing cycles to catch the user up on its indexes. By default quickfinder indexing runs only once per day.
For more information on setting up quickfinder indexing, visit the GroupWise documentation at