eDirectory Certificate Server on Windows - Invalid: System Error when validating certificates

  • 7014148
  • 20-Nov-2013
  • 26-Nov-2013


NetIQ eDirectory 8.8 SP8 for Windows
Novell eDirectory 8.8 SP8 for Windows


Attempting to create a server certificate in iManager is resulting in the following error:
Server Certificate (Key Material) Creation Error
There was an error while trying to create the Server Certificate.  You need to delete the Server Certificate, if it exists, and start the creation process again.
The error code is:
When trying to validate a server certificate results in a status of:
Invalid: System Error


After launching NDSconsole it was observed that the PKI.DLM was not running though it was set to Automatic.  Manually starting the PKI.DLM resolved the certificate errors.
Using NDSconsole the following services should be seen running by default on startup:
DLM Startup Type
dconserv system
dhlog auto
ds auto
dsloader manual
embox auto
gams manual
hconserv auto
httpstk manual
ncpengine manual
ndsimon auto
ndssnmp auto
PKI auto
sasl manual
spmdclnt manual
ssldp auto
ssncp auto
sss manual