SecureLogin does not work when off line

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  • 15-Nov-2013
  • 06-Dec-2013


NetIQ SecureLogin


SecureLogin does not work when offline after “Disable Cache” was chosen during installation.
No local cache exists on the workstation after selecting “Disable Cache” during NSL install.
What does selecting “Disable Cache” do?


This is as expected.  Selecting “Disable Cache”  will disable the local cache file which provides offline support for SecureLogin.  If a local cache is desired modify the installation to not install “Disable Cache.

To modify the installation, open control panel, programs, right click "NetIQ SecureLogin" and select “change.” Then click modify, next, install, next, and wait for the Custom Setup screen to appear.  
In the custom setup, select the option to not install “Disable Cache.” In other words, select the red X next to the option for Disable Cache as shown in the screen shot below.

The red X means that “Disable Cache” will NOT be installed.  In other words, the local cache will not be disabled, but will be left in place.  If a local cache is desired, install with the red X by “disable cache.” This is the default installation.
Alternate solution:
Edit the workstation registry to change DisableCache from 1 to 0 under 

Additional Information

Making the selection shown below will install “disable cache.”   

This install option creates a dword registry value called DisableCache and sets it to 1.  This results in SecureLogin's local cache file being disabled.  The local cache file allows SecureLogin to be used when the network is not available.  
dword DisableCache 
 0 Enables the local cache
 1 Disables the local cache

The default installation does not create the above registry key.