404 Roma error adding string with a Single quote to Policy extension attributes

  • 7014117
  • 14-Nov-2013
  • 14-Nov-2013


NetIQ Access Manager 3.2
NetIQ Access Manager 3.2 Support Pack 2 applied


The NAM SDK policy APIs used to create a policy extension. After creating the policy, the following was performaed:

- imported policy extension into iManager
- go to the Policy -> Extension and select imported policy
- Under Configuration Parameter, add a string constant mapping
- for the string constant value, add a string with a single quote e.g.

SELECT Payment_Transaction_ID, Market_Indicator, Assigned_QHP_ID, Total_Amount_Owed, Premium_Amount_Total, APTC_Amount, Proposed_Coverage_Date, First_Name, Middle_Name, Last_Name, Suffix_Name, Issuer_Assigned_Consumer_ID, TIN_Identification, Street_Name_1, Street_Name_2, City_Name, State, Zipcode, Email_Address, Subscriber_Identifier, Additional_Information FROM ZX03289.SSO_PAYMENT WHERE Issuer_Assigned_Consumer_ID ='${norConsumerID}'

As soon as the Admin clicks OK, a Roma 404 error is displayed immediately after. This error remains until you restart the Admin Console.


A number of options exist:

- change the app to handle double quotes instead of single quotes
- change the entries in the textbox has to be xml encoded before saving to xml i.e. ' or ' should be used in place of the single quotes. This is the limitation of XML, refer the escape character list at http://www.w3.org/TR/xml/#sec-predefined-ent.