How do I change the password for the service account for Directory and Resource Administrator?

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  • 13-Nov-2013
  • 31-Oct-2018


NetIQ Directory & Resource Administrator 8.x
NetIQ Directory & Resource Administrator 9.x


How do I change the password for the service account for Directory and Resource Administrator?


To change the password of the DRA service account:
  1. Reset the service account's Password using Active Directory Users & Computers
  2. Launch the 'Services MMC' by clicking Start Programs Administrative Tools Services.
  3. Stop all of the DRA services
    1. Netiq Administration Service
    2. Netiq DRA Audit Service (DRA 9.2 and newer)
    3. Netiq DRA Cache Service (DRA 8.7 and newer)
    4. Netiq DRA Core Service
    5. Netiq DRA Host Service (DRA 9.0 and newer)
    6. Netiq DRA REST Service (DRA 9.0 and newer)
    7. Netiq DRA Log Archive Service
    8. Netiq DRA Skype Service (DRA 9.1 and newer)
  4. After the service has been stopped, right-click and select Properties.
  5. Select the 'Log On' tab and change  password information in the 'Password:' field.
  6. Click Apply
  7. Repeat until the password has been changed for all of the DRA services.
  8. Once all passwords have been re-set start the DRA Services
  9. On the Windows OS hosting the NetIQ Reporting Center Web Service, change the IIS Application Pool identity for NRCServer

Additional Information

Each DRA server can store an AD account and password within the Product Configuration GUI, under the following locations:

Each DRA server within the Delegation and Configuration console --> Configuration Management --> Administration Servers --> Each DRA server can have an access account typed
Each Managed Domain on each DRA server can have both a Domain Access Account and Exchange Access Account
The DRA Reporting Services can have both a SQL Server access account and SQL Server Administrator Account
Each AD Reporting Collector can have a Domain Access Account

For all of the above accounts, there is an option to use the Directory Resource Administrator Service account or use a manually typed account.

SQL Server Agent Service can also be configured to run as an AD account. This account can be the same account used to run DRA Services, or a different account.