Re-Indexing Groupwise Document Library Only

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  • 12-Nov-2013
  • 12-Nov-2013


Novell GroupWise 8
Novell GroupWise 2012


How to completely re-index only documents in a library
Unable to find documents in the library
Users not finding documents


  1. From the Web Console of the Post Office Agent select Configuration near the to
  2. Click on the hyperlink QuickFinder Indexing
    -note, if there is no hyperlink, make sure HTTP user/password is set via ConsoleOne > Properties of POA > Agent Settings HTTP Monitor Setting at the bottom of page.
  3. Confirm that QuickFinder Indexing is Enabled
  4. Under Action Options, select Update and Compress Indexes
  5. Under Indexing Options, change the Indexing Level (.qlevel) to Unlimited
  6. Make sure the following is checked under Indexing Options, Sweep Document Library for Replications & Index Document Library before User DBs.  Leave everything else unchecked.
  7. Click Submit to start indexing