SSH pub key of nocpulse not available in SUSE Manager WebUI

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  • 08-Nov-2013
  • 08-Nov-2013


SUSE Manager 1.7


In order to enable access of SUSE Manager to clients monitored by probes, the SSH public key of the nocpulse user needs to get copied to the target system. Trying to retrieve this public key from the SUSE Manager WebUI (Admin Login -> Monitoring Scout Config Push -> SUSE Manager Monitoring Scout) shows:

No RHNMD Public Key found for scout SUSE Manager Monitoring Scout


"Enable Monitoring Scout" is not enabled in the Admin settings. Please make sure its activated at:

Admin Login -> Admin -> SUSE Manager Configuration -> Monitoring -> Enable Monitoring Scout

Additional Information

The SSH public key files for the nocpulse user can also be found in /var/lib/nocpulse/.ssh.

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