Filr Windows client cache error.

  • 7014058
  • 07-Nov-2013
  • 19-Nov-2013


Novell Filr 1.0
Novell Filr 1.0.1


When Filr cannot handle the user's avatar (in this case, an animated GIF, which is accepted and displayed properly by the Web UI, as well as the apps and Mac client), the Filr client throws a file cache error message which is a modal  (*) dialog.

At this point, on the windows desktop the user only has a Start button, an empty desktop, and a broken Filr error dialog on the screen.
(It is also possible other dialogs, like GroupWise / ZCM login pile up behind the Filr dialog but being inaccessible waiting for the Filr dialog to be dismissed).

On changing the avatar, the problem is not resolved as Filr did not start properly and cannot update the icon with the new one. The problem persists until the user restart in Windows safe mode and prevents Filr from starting automatically.

(*)  Modal dialogs during userinit cause the desktop to fail to appear, until the dialog is dismissed.   Since the Filr UI is not actually available / accessible by the user yet , they can also not dismiss the dialog.  


This is planned to be resolved in a future version of the Filr client.

As stated, a workaround to this problem is to boot the Windows desktop in safe mode to prevent the Filr client from auto-starting.