How can iManager plugin be compiled to run on multiple versions (of iManager)?

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  • 05-Nov-2013
  • 05-Nov-2013


Novell Open Enterprise Server 11 (OES 11) Linux
Novell Open Enterprise Server 2 (OES 2) Linux
NetIQ iManager
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11


When trying to run custom plugins build on Java 1.6 on iManager 2.7.4 or 2.7.5, you will receive an error about the minor version and it will not function properly.


Rebuild/recompile the plug-in with Java 1.5 -- or a lowest common java version among multiple versions of iManager.

Additional Information

iManager 2.7.4 & 2.7.5 on OES2 runs with Java 1.5.  iManager 2.7.6 & 2.7.7 on OES2 runs with Java 1.6.
If a plug-in is compiled with a higher level of Java than iManager, it will not import and will be unusable.
However, if the plugin is compiled with the same, or possibly a lower version (i.e. 1.5 vs. 1.6), iManager should be able to import & utilize the plug-in.