Designer 4.0.2 AU4 deployment error with DirXML-PkgItemAux class

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  • 05-Nov-2013
  • 05-Nov-2013


NetIQ Designer 4.0.2 AU4
NetIQ Identity Manager 4.0


After upgrading to Identity Manager Designer 4.0.2 AU4 one can see the following error during deployment:

The DirXML-pkgLinkages attribute is missing from the DirXML-PkgItemAux class in the Identity Value
schema. You need to extend the Identity Vault schema to include the DirXML-pkgLinkages attribute in
the DirXML-PkgItemAux class. The new package policy informaiton is stored in the DirXML-
pkgLinkages attribute. If you don't extend the schema, the package polity linkage informaiton is not
deployed to the Identity Vault. Click the Migrate Linkage option under the Package Catalog to regenerate
the package policy linkage information in Designer af the driver is imported from the Identity Vault.


The solution have been documented in the Designer Readme - Manually Modify and Deploy Schema Changes After Upgrading to Designer 4.0.2 AU4.