General guidelines for Citrix VDI environments

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  • 01-Nov-2013
  • 07-Nov-2013


Novell ZENworks Configuration Management 11.2 Documentation


ZENworks Configuration Management can be deployed on Citrix VISD solutions. Here are few guidelines to this type of scenario.


# Preparation Steps:
1) Create a new ZCM agent deployment package using the 'unconfigured' switch, following the steps to create a new agent but instead of any DNS/Server IP address, add in unconfigured for the address
2) Create vbs/bat script file that uses zac command to register the device
3) Create vbs/bat script file that uses zac command to unregister the device
4) Use gpedit.msc to add this script to machine logoff script

# Build Steps:
1) Build Citrix SOE vdisk in Shared mode
2) Install the unconfigured ZCM agent, and reboot the machine
3) Use gpedit.msc to add zac register script to machine logon
4) Use gpedit.msc to add zac unregister script to machine logoff
5) Run the following commands to clear/remove the GUID already assigned to the machine:
zac cc
zac fsg -d
6) Run ziswin.exe, and clear the Image Safe Data
7) Disable service 'ZENworks Imaging'
8) Clear the GUID stored in the following registry value: HKLM/Software/Novell/ZCM/PreAgent/Guid
9) Shutdown the machine, and switch the Citrix SOE Vdisk to Private mode

NOTE: every time the disk is returned to Shared mode, it is necessary to go through steps 5-8 to clear GUID/Image Safe Data.