Update of ZCM agent to version 11.2.4 appears to "hang" at 94%

  • 7014007
  • 28-Oct-2013
  • 28-Oct-2013


Novell ZENworks Configuration Management 11.2.4 System Update


Upgrading device to ZCM 11.2.4

Update seems "stuck" at 94% for a long time (several minutes)

Checking system-update logs, the delay is in setup.exe


This is expected behaviour on some slower devices, and does not indicate that anything is wrong with the update - do not reboot managed devices to try to "fix" this during an update, always wait for it to complete, or errors may occur. If the update fails showing a 1603 error, then as a first resort, re-deploy the update to that device.


The delay is when the update process is trying to close running threads in the ZESM component, sometimes these take a while to terminate gracefully.