Zone admin default rights in the Administration Console and how to modify them.

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  • 28-Oct-2013
  • 28-Oct-2013


Novell Vibe OnPrem 3


This is one of the common needs situation when you want to delegate some users administration tasks / rights within a zone. You can define zone admins directly by adding a user or via a group and group membership.
If you login as the system admin in a Vibe and start Administration Console, in the System section you can configure such special users via Access Control for Zone Administration.
Once done, such a special user can now access the Administration Console, however, there are few options less which are available for him:
1. In the Management section, he does not see as available Application Groups, Applications, Groups and Users menu options.
2. In the System section he does not see as available Form/View Designer and Site Branding menu options.


If you need to add for such zone admin menu options in the Management section, you will need to grant this user extra access rights (Workspace and Folders Administrator)  to the "Personal Workspaces", a top workspace of all users personal workspaces.
If there is a need to add missing menu options within the System section, grant such a special user extra access rights (Workspace and Folders Administrator) to the top most workspace in a system workspace hierarchy, the "Home Workspace".