Where to find SSPR version information

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  • 18-Oct-2013
  • 03-Mar-2015


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How to tell SSPR version
How to know which version of SSPR is  running


Two ways to find SSPR version:

1. Through the log file.  
Configuration Manager → View Log Events
In Event viewer search for "(Release)" or "bidness."  You will find a line similar to the following:
Fri Oct 18 09:21:41 MDT 2013, INFO , password.pwm.PwmApplication, SSPR v3.0 b1226 (Release) open for bidness! (503ms)
In this example the version of SSPR is 3.0.

2. Through the Administrative functions.  Members of the Administrators group will have the “Administration” button on their main menu after logging in to SSPR.  
Click Administration → About.  This shows version and other information.
To define Administrators group,  click:
Configuration Manager → Configuration Editor → Settings → LDAP Directory → Administrator Query String.  Set the query string to match the group or CN you want to allow to see the “administration” button.
By default in an eDir environment this string is set to(groupMembership=cn=Admins,ou=Groups,o=example)
By default in an AD environment this string is set to (memberOf=CN=Administrators, <path>)

To allow everyone to see the “administration” button (only do this in a small test environment) set the Administrator Query String to