HTTP 500-Internal Server error installing secure printer

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  • 14-Oct-2013
  • 14-Oct-2013


Novell iPrint for Linux Open Enterprise Server 11


Attempting to install a secure iPrint printer from the /ipp page displays the following error:

HTTP 500-Internal Server Error


Scenario 1: Wrong FDN submitted:
Type the correct FDN.   For example, if cn=joe,ou=users,o=nov is wrongly submitted as the user name, instead type the correct FDN of cn=joe,ou=users,o=novell.

Scenario 2: Multiple trees:
a. Clear iPrint client cached user name.
From the workstation's iPrint client system try icon:  right click, iPrint settings, Password tab, click "Clear all Passwords".
b. Restart Apache on the server hosting iPrint
From the iPrint server's terminal session, putty or otherwise, type this command:
rcapache2 restart
c. Install the printer from the /ipp page.


Scenario 1 Cause:
With the 5.90 and 5.92 versions of the iPrint Client, an HTTP 500 error will be returned when submitting the wrong FDN for authentication.  Novell is investigating future client release to return a proper authentication failed message.

Scenario 2 Cause:
This issue can occur when a user has logged into one tree, but then attempts to install an iPrint printer in a different tree.  The user credentials are cached and the wrong credentials are auto-passed to the iPrint server's LDAP.  The user from the other tree will not be found and return the 500 error.

Additional Information

Viewing the /var/log/apache2/error_log shows that LDAP authentication fails due to the user not being found. The incorrectly typed FDN or FDN from the tree of the first authentication will be shown in the error log.