How to find the Message Database associated with a user

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  • 07-Oct-2013
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Novell GroupWise 7
Novell GroupWise 8
Novell GroupWise 2012


How to determine which msgxxx.db file a user belongs to in GroupWise
How to find the Message Database associated with a user's sent item


When a user sends an email, all the user's sent mail is stored in one message database. Received mails are stored in multiple message databases but sent items are stored in only one message database. Please follow the steps listed below to see which Message Database is associated with the user's sent items
  1. Launch standalone gwcheck
    • Database Type - Post Office
    • Database Path - Path to the Post Office Directory
    • Object Type - Post Office
    • Action - Mailbox Statistics
    • Select Expire Statistics
    • Select Items older than 1 days and uncheck everything else
    • Select Include "Sent Items" and uncheck everything else
  2. In the Results tab, type the name of the user who should receive the log file if needed
  3. Click Run
  4. The Output should contain something like the following
    Type   From             To               Date           Size            Drn
    ------ ---------------- ---------------- -------------- --------------- ---
    user11a (1li / 30)     48 (    53)      0      8           99328  ( user11a [])
  5. user11a - username
    1li - FID
    30 - Message Database (msg30.db)

  1. Login as the user using GroupWise Client
  2. Select Sent Items Folder
  3. Right Click on any one Sent Item and click Properties
  4. Change the Style to Advanced Properties if it not already set to Advanced Properties
  5. Check the Message Id: value. It should be something like the following
    Message Id: 5255833F.EEA : 30 : 342
  6. The Middle number between to colons (:) is 30 indicating that the Message Database for this user is msg30.db

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