ZCM Agent inoperable after partial version upgrade

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  • 24-Sep-2013
  • 24-Sep-2013


Novell ZENworks Configuration Management


The ZCM Agent upgrade is interrupted part way through the system update and the agent is longer operational.


Manually restart the system update using the zenupdater.exe utility.
When executed, the zenupdater.exe will need to point to the update-commands.xml for the system update.
An example could be the following:
zenupdater.exe -v -c "%ZENWORKS_HOME%\logs\system-update\5011020301fc50000000002013052921\update-commands.xml"
Digits 3-10 of the system update folder show the version of the system update, which helps locate the correct folder.
In this example 11020301 indicates Major Version 11, Service Pack 02, Minor Update 03, and Monthly Update 01.
Digits 23-30 indicate the date the System Update was created by Novell in the format of YYYYMMDD.
This will generally be prior to the date it is publicly posted.
In this example it is 20130529, which would be May 29th 2013.
Note: The update-commands.xml is not generic and is device specific.  It is not possible to use it on another device since it points to files in the local cache and those locations will be different on each device.


The agent is a mix of older and newer components which may not be inter-operable.