Print Manager not created during installation of iPrint Appliance

  • 7013357
  • 24-Sep-2013
  • 25-Sep-2013


iPrint Appliance 1.0


iPrint Appliance setup does not create the print manager, even though at the end of the installation process a "Success" message is written to the screen. Resolving the problem requires manually creating the print manager.



Manually create the Print Manager using iManager. Name the Print Manager "print_manager", ensuring that the object is created in the "iPrintAppliance" container.

A possible problem with this workaround is that printers will be visible in iManager, but not on the Management Console. As a result, administrators will not be able to enable these printers as mobile printers. Therefore, it is recommended that you simply reinstall the iPrint Appliance, taking care to use the same name for the iPrint Appliance host name and the DNS name for the Print Manager.


Reported to Engineering