BSOD on ZCM devices after installing the agent if FDE is licensed in the zone.

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  • 23-Sep-2013
  • 01-Apr-2014


Novell ZENworks Full Disk Encryption


Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) occurs on reboot of the ZCM install if FDE  (Full Disk Encryption) is licensed.
Adding a GPT formated drive to a ZCM device will cause a BSOD.
The ZCM agent install does not currently check for GPT partitioning before installing the FDE MSIs.
A FDE policy does not have to be applied to experience the BSOD.


ZCM FDE does not currently support GPT (GUID Partion Table).
In future versions of ZCM, the agent install should check to see if GPT partitioning is being utilized.
Workaround: Change the the partioning scheme from GPT to the traditional MBR.

Additional Information

ZCM FDE is installed by default in a zone licensed by FDE.
Please search the INTERNET for proper steps to convert from GPT to MBR. 
The basic steps:
1.  Back up the data on the drive.
2.  Use DISKPART from a command prompt to clean and convert,
3.  Restore the data.