Designer AU3 and IDM does not show new startup and shutdown transformation in policy flow

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  • 23-Sep-2013
  • 23-Sep-2013


NetIQ Designer
NetIQ Identity Manager 4.0


 I updated to Designer AU3 and IDM and don't see the new startup and shutdown transformation in my policy flow.


If you already have a 402 project in Designer AU3, and upgraded IDM server to 402 Patch 3 you will see this problem.
Here are the steps to be to get the servers current IDM server version into designer, which will allow the new transformations to appear.

1. In Designer, selected the server in outline view and goto it's properties page
2. Click "Update the Identity Manager Engine Version from a Live Server" icon which is located just to right-side of Identity Manager Version.
3. You will get dialog window saying "The Identity Manager version is already current". Click ok
4. Click Apply and ok
5. Save
6. Close and then reopen product.