Installation of iManager 2.7 SP6 on SLES 11 SP3 fails with "unsupported platform"

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  • 19-Sep-2013
  • 19-Sep-2013


NetIQ eDirectory 8.8 SP7
NetIQ iManager 2.7 SP6
Novell iManager 2.7 SP6


Installing iManager 2.7.6 on a SLES 11 SP3 server gives the message that it is
an unsupported platform.
Modifying the platforms.xml file to show the osVersion is SP3 does not have any affect.  Not matter what type of options/configurations that is put into the platforms.xml file it will not allow iManager install to proceed and always get the message of unsupported platform.


The work around is to modify the /etc/SuSE-release.
Set the "PATCHLEVEL = 2 " instead of it showing the current patch level of 3.

Once iManager is installed the PATCHLEVEL can be set back to 3.