SMARTS 8 and 9: When will inactive alarms timeout in NOC?

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  • 17-Sep-2013
  • 17-Sep-2013


NetIQ Operations Center 5.0


When does inactive alarms are cleared from NOC console. As in SMARTS console, there is system property
where you can define archive interval for inactive alarms. During analysis, it was found that
inactive alarms were not auto-cleared from NOC console. This is a EMC API problem
and a ticket has been opened with vendor.


Manual Workaround:
  For inactive alarms, delete option is enabled in NOC console on right
clicking the SMARTS alarm. User can then manually delete alarms from NOC Client.


Whenever an inactive alarm is acknowledged in SMARTS console and made
eligible for archiving, then an event is sent to NOC to notify that an
notification is cleared/ archived. On receiving event, NOC sends a request to
SMARTS to fetch latest state of that notification. But as notification was
already cleared from SMARTS, NOC receives NULL/ EMPTY properties. In NOC, Alarm
corresponding to notification is uniquely identified through object key and
object key is build through properties retrieved from SMARTS.  As these
properties appears NULL/ EMPTY, NOC cannot build object key for inactive alarm.
As a result, NOC doesn't know how to delete alarm from alarm registry and
inactive alarms remain in NOC unless user deletes them explicitly.
Due to above fact, following exception is also noticed in log file:

Can't find Name, ElementName or ElementClassName in alarm
details.  Will not process.