eDir-to-eDir Driver Certificates wizard: Unable to create the certificates.

  • 7013204
  • 04-Sep-2013
  • 18-Nov-2013


NetIQ Identity Manager iManager Plug-ins


When running the eDir-to-eDir Driver Certificates wizard,  the following error is received.

''Unable to create the certificates.  The following error occurred: The Server Certificate Object (also known as the Key Material Object) needs to be updated.''


1.  Verify that you are running the latest IDM and Certificate Server plugins in iManager.
2.  Delete the existing IDM Certificates from the driver authentication parameters in the driver properties, on both eDir drivers.
3.  Delete the existing IDM Certificate objects from both trees.
Then attempt to run the certificate wizard again.

If it still fails, delete the objects again, and then log into the other tree with iManager and attempt to run the certificate wizard.