SSO to "red N" Novell Client Login fails

  • 7013189
  • 30-Aug-2013
  • 30-Aug-2013


Windows 7  or Windows 8
NSL 7.0.3 HF6 or NSL8
Novell Client 2 SP3
SecureLogin configured to act upon Novell Login launched from "red N"


Bad password error returned with single sign on to NWTray, Novell Login

Goal is to sso enable the Novell Login when launched from "red N" in the system tray.  
NWTray.exe is added to "Include" section of exclude.ini.

After using the NSL Wizard to configure the app, SecureLogin enter what appears to be the password in the "password" field and click enter, but error is returned indicating a bad password.


Converting the Wizard generated script to text format and editi the line for entering the password to say 

Type -raw $password #1204 

instead of 

Type $password #1204


Reported to Engineering

Additional Information

Note that NWTray is one of the applications hard coded to be excluded from single sign on.  Adding it to the "Include" section of the exclude.ini allows SecureLogin to act upon it.  For more detail about excluded files see the NSL7 Administration Guide at