How to upgrade NetIQ software via Group Policy with better reliability

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  • 28-Aug-2013
  • 28-Aug-2013


NetIQ Advanced Authentication 4.8


We have 500+ workstations with NetIQ installed in domain. I want to update client components to a new version. But I’m afraid of simultaneous upgrade of all workstations. What I need to do?


You are right when you worry about simultaneous upgrading.
  1. If your employees begin to work at the same time, it cause increasing load on server where new distributive is shared.
  2. We recommend to upgrade workstations gradually. It means that you select several workstations (it can be 5-10 workstations or 1-2% of workstations with different hardware and software configurations) which will be upgraded at first. You upgrade them, then you watch them during a week. So if all is right after a week, you can upgrade 20-30% of workstations. Then you watch them during next week again. After that you can upgrade the rest workstations.

This approach provides reliable upgrading.

How could you do it in practice:
  1. You create new installation group and new Group Policy Object (GPO), add a new MSI package in it, see it in details.
  2. After step 6.5 you must go to Upgrades tab.
  3. Press Add button.
  4. In Add Upgrade Package dialog please select A specific GPO option.
  5. Select a GPO which was used for installation of previous NetIQ version.
  6. Select MSI package name.
  7. Select option Uninstall the existing package, then install the upgrade package.

Also make sure that you new GPO is above than old in a GPO list.

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