ERROR: NetIQ Client is not licensed

  • 7013148
  • 28-Aug-2013
  • 28-Aug-2013


NetIQ Advanced Authentication 4.8


Can’t install NetIQ Client due to error: “NetIQ Advanced Authentication Framework – Client is not licensed”.


Starting from version 4.8 NetIQ requires a licensing of separate components.

  1. Please ensure that you updated NetIQAuthenticore Server to the latest release
  2. Ensure that you got and have applied a license for 4.8+
  3. Ensure that this workstation is joined to the domain
  4. Please try to disable firewall or configure permissions for TCP 135 and ports for Dynamic RPC (for detailed information please check MSDN) on NetIQ Server and NetIQ Client, and then try again.

Additional Information

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