Why does IPv6 need to be enabled in Sentinel 7.1

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  • 28-Aug-2013
  • 06-Oct-2013


NetIQ Sentinel 7.1 Sentinel Server


Sentinel requires that IPv6 is enabled on the core Sentinel boxes (Sentinel server, Collector manager, and Correlation server) in order for Sentinel to properly function.  


Sentinel has been coded for IPv6 for better performance now and in the future.  Basically, the product requires IPv6 enabled.   Please note, Enabling ipV6 will auto configure addresses to the loopback device and any nics present on the Sentinel box. The ipV6 addresses are not globally routable unless you are explicitly configuring your routers to provide a routable prefix. Additionally access can also be blocked by use of firewalls as needed.
Sentinel actually binds a port to both the IPv6 address on the interface, and the IPv4 address, so it must be enabled.  In doing so, Sentinel can receive connections over either the IPv4 or IPv6 address.
No communication needs to happen over IPv6 as it can all happen over the IPv4 address. 

Additional Information

Some customers have security policies in place that do not allow IPv6 to be enabled in thier environment.