Replica problem in AD LDS (ADAM) configuration

  • 7013114
  • 27-Aug-2013
  • 29-Aug-2013


NetIQ Advanced Authentication 4.8


NetIQ is working correctly, but we are having issues with AD LDS replica. The Event log on the Primary server is getting loaded with Warnings stating:
The attempt to establish a replication link for the following writable directory partition failed.

It is also getting another error:
The directory server has failed to create the AD LDS serviceConnectionPoint object in Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services.
This operation will be retried.


The information from this topic indicates that the Instance Service is using a local user instead of a Domain user. That is not accurate. However, it is using Network Service as the user, which seemed like it should have been correct. This is the case on both the Primary and Replica server. Please change this user to the\Administrator and the error will go away.

If you then got other errors please add Generate Audit rights to that user and also add it to the Domain Administrators Group, and restart the service. Please do it on the all servers you are using.

Additional Information

Formerly known as 0007.