Error Obtaining Enterprise Key

  • 7013111
  • 27-Aug-2013
  • 29-Aug-2013


NetIQ Advanced Authentication 4.8


The current Enterprise Key cannot be obtained. The error message is displayed:
Could not obtain Enterprise Key
Could not find Authenticore server or establish connection with it.


  1. Check that there is another working Authenticore server in the domain.
  2. Check that all Authenticore servers are available in the network.
  3. Check that the Domain Controller is available.


  1. The Authenticore server is not connected to the network.
  2. Additional Authenticore servers were being restarted or stopped while attempting to obtain the Key.
  3. Attempting to obtain the current Enterprise Key on the only Authenticore server in domain. This is needless.

Additional Information

Formerly known as 0005.