Designer update failing or blocked - How to manually update Designer

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  • 26-Aug-2013
  • 01-Nov-2019


NetIQ Designer for Identity Manager


Trying to get the latest Designer patches and Package updates through Designer auto updates.  The sites it tries to connect to are either blocked or unavailable.  How can the updates be installed manually.


In Designer, you can see the URL it is using to get the updates under the Window, Preferences option.  There are 2 URL locations under that.

The URL paths are located under the following menu options.
- For Designer updates:  In Designer, click on Windows, Preferences, NetIQ, Identity Manager.  Then on the Tabs, click on Updates.  You will see the update path listed on the new screen.
- For Package updates:  In Designer, click on Windows, Preferences, NetIQ, Package Manager, Online Updates. You will see 4 update URLs, 2 Public and 2 Beta.  You want the 2 Public URLs  You need the files from both of them.  It does not matter which order you put them in, but it is recommended that you replace the URL with the path to the files that correspond to the URL.  The 2 Beta directories are for any package updates which are currently being tested.  DO NOT use those in a production environment.

NOTE:  For older versions of Designer, the option is Novell rather than NetIQ.

You will need to copy the updates to a machine where you have access to the original URL and copy the package files or updates you want to install to some location on the machine, then transfer them to the workstation or server running Designer.

In Designer, change the URL to point to the path where the copied files are located.
For the path start with file:///  for example file:///c:/ or file:///var/opt...

Perform the update.

Additional Information

Here are some example steps on how to use general instructions above to update designer packages on Designer running on a Windows workstation.  I know other ways to perform the same steps, but here are some that worked in a quick test.

1.  Downloaded complete contents of using the following wget command on a linux box.

wget -r -E -ignore-length -x -k -p -erobots=off -np -N

It will create a directory  called in the directory where you executed the wget command.

2.  Use WinSCP to copy the updatesite2_0_0 directory to a windows box in some directory like c:\temp\updatesite2_0_0

3.  In designer add the following entry in Preferences, NetIQ, Package Manager, Online Updates:  file:///C:\temp\updatesite2_0_0  leaving it checked and unchecking the two other Public Site urls.  ( I gave it a name of local)

4.  Clicked Help, check for package updates.   It found the local updates.   Check local to install the updates.

5.  After restarting designer you should see the updated packages available.