Some users appear as being Offline for others despite of they are logged in.

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  • 14-Aug-2013
  • 14-Aug-2013


Novell Messenger 2.2
Novell Messenger 2.1


There are several users that are logged in GWIM and being Online and can chat with other users without problems. However, for other users they appear being in Offline status. No one can initiate a chat with those users. Such "bad" user resides within the same eDir container like "good" users. If such a user moves to any other workstation on LAN, the Offline status follows his account still.


There can be a Privacy configuration set from C1 that would block other users on such account. Check properties of such eDir user, Novell Messenger | Privacy. If you move <Everyone Else> item into the Blocked column, then such a user appears as Offline for the rest of users.
Similarly if end user logs in his account and from GWIM client checks Tools | Options | Privacy configuration and sets  <Everyone Else> item to Blocked column, he will appear Offline, too.