Failed Upgrade to 7.0.2 using a MySQL database

  • 7013042
  • 13-Aug-2013
  • 14-Aug-2013


Novell Service Desk 7.0.2


During the upgrade process to NSD 7.0.2 that is running on MySQL database and Linux platform, when attempts are made to configure the database the following error is produced:


Contact Novell Technical Services to get the FTF patch (livetime.jar). Then follow the below steps to apply the FTF.

1. On the Novell Service Desk server, stop Novell Service Desk service.
2. Back up the existing livetime.jar from the following directory:
    <Service Desk Installation Directory>/Server/webapps/LiveTime/WEB-INF/lib
3. Copy new livetime.jar in the above directory.
4. Start Novell Service Desk service.
5. Start or resume the upgrade process.


This TID is applicable when the Novell Service Desk database is MySQL with 'Identifier Case Sensitivity' enabled. This setting is enabled by default on Linux and is controlled in the file “my.cnf”.

For more information on MySQL Identifier Case Sensitivity

Additional Information

The patch should be applied before attempting 'Database Configuration' post upgrading Novell Service Desk to version 7.0.2.  If the FTF patch is applied after the issue appears, attempting to configure the database will continue and complete correctly.