Rules with exact userid in Define Conditions don't work

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  • 08-Aug-2013
  • 09-Aug-2013


Novell GroupWise 2012


Rules containing specific userid's work
Rules containing partial userid's don't work


Use the full userid in the rule


Reported to Engineering

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Steps to Duplicate  
  1. Log into GroupWise Client
  2. Click Tools>Rules
  3. Click New
  4. Give the Rule a name
  5. Make sure only 'Sent' is selected
  6. Set the Item types to 'Mail'
  7. Set Define Conditions as where To contains a part of the userid (ex. abc)
  8. Set the Action to Move to Folder and select a folder
  9. Click Save
  10. Click Close
  11. Send an email to
  12. The sent item will not be moved
  13. Send an email to and the rule gets activated and the sent item gets moved