Agent Deployment Error: "can't copy file to target"

  • 7013010
  • 08-Aug-2013
  • 26-Aug-2013


Novell ZENworks Configuration Management Deployment


Using a task to deploy the ZENworks agent
The agent installer package (eg: PreAgentPkg_Agent.exe) is actually copied to %SystemRoot%

Error seen in ZCC under the deployment task:

ERROR: can't copy file to target

Error seen in C:\RemoteSvc.log on the target device:

Created Named Pipe \\.\pipe\ZDPA_communicaton
Waiting for a communication message
Error reading pipe == 109
 got the stop service event, calling DeleteSvc


Either one of the following should resolve the issue:

A. Disable Anti-virus on the target device and rerun the deployment

B. Add the following entries to the Anti-virus exclusions: