Unable to load Novell Messenger Welcome page

  • 7012975
  • 01-Aug-2013
  • 16-Nov-2020


Novell Messenger 2.x
Novell Messenger 3.x


Unable to visit Welcome to Novell Messenger site
Unable to download Novell Messenger Client
Some workstations are able to visit the site, some can't
There is a problem with this website's security certificate when trying to visit with IE - no way to accept the certificate and proceed to the website. Different browsers do not make a difference.


Please follow the steps provided in TID 7010671 to re-create a self-signed certificate for the Novell Messenger Agent.


Messenger Agent's SSL certificate expired. It's possible the error appears according to the workstation's Time & Clock settings.

Additional Information

Troubleshooting Steps:
  1. Visit http://www.digicert.com/help 
  2. Provide the Server Address of the Messenger server and select Check Server
  3. SSL Certificate shows expiration