TLaunch64.exe fails to launch 32 bit Terminal Emulator

  • 7012965
  • 31-Jul-2013
  • 31-Jul-2013


Windows 7 (64 bit)
Attachmate Reflections (32 bit)
Novell SecureLogin 7.0.3
NSL 7.0.3


Attachmate Reflections terminal emulator will not launch
Unable to start Reflections through SecureLogin's tlaunch utility
Error received:  Error loading DLL file.  Please ensure that DLL file exists in the path or the emulator's Home Dir


Launch the emulator through TLaunch.exe instead of TLaunch64.exe. 

Additional Information

For 32 bit emulators use 32 bit Tlaunch.exe.  For 64 bit emulators use 64 bit Tlaunch64.exe.  The decision to use TLaunch.exe or TLaunch64.exe should be based on the emulator platform, not on the Windows operating system architecture.