Microsoft Access ODBC Driver unable to access Novell mapped drives

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  • 31-Jul-2013
  • 31-Jul-2013


Novell Client 2 SP2 for Windows 7
Microsoft Access


When attempting to select a database while configuring ODBC, only some of the mapped drives are displayed as options. For example, drives H:, I:, J:, and K: may appear in Windows Explorer as network mapped drives, but only I: appears in the list of available drives when configuring the ODBC driver.


Map the drives using the Novell Map Network Drive dialog, and check the "Check to always map this drive letter when you start Windows" checkbox.

Or, use the "NET USE" command (instead of the "MAP" command) with the "/PERSISTENT:YES" switch when mapping the drives in the login script. For example, the syntax, using drive "Y:" for example, is:

#NET USE y: \\servername\sharename /persistent:yes


The ODBC connector is displaying only the drives listed under HKCU\Network. These are the drives Windows will attempt reconnecting every time the user logs on.  Registry entries here are the result of selecting the "Reconnect at logon" option in the Microsoft Map Network Drive dialog, or the "Check to always map this drive letter when you start Windows" option in the Novell Map Network Drive dialog.  (Or the /PERSISTENT option on the NET.EXE command line.)

Ordinarily, any Windows Explorer, Open File Dialog, or other SHELL32.DLL view displays all the available drives, whether they have been set as persistent mapped drives or not.  However, the ODBC connector may be only showing persistent drives.