Slow Performance of GroupWise POA (disk I/O)

  • 7012955
  • 29-Jul-2013
  • 29-Jul-2013


Novell GroupWise 2012
Novell GroupWise 8


GroupWise Clients are unresponsive, PO CPU Utilization High
POA HTTP WebConsole displays the a high number of Busy C/S Handler Threads.
C/S Handler Threads stuck in handleRequest State.
top command reports gwpoa with high CPU Utilization.


This can happen if there is a bottle neck at the Input/Output layer. Please run tsatest to make sure that the Effective MB/Min is atleast around 800 MB/min. Please follow the steps listed below:

  1. Verify novell-sms is running on the GroupWise server and/or installed on the server:
    rcnovell-smdrd status
    rpm -qa | grep -i sms
  2. If novell-smdrd is not installed, please follow the steps below to do so:
    • Copy the novell-sms rpm from <GroupWise Software Distribution Directory>\agents\linux to the GroupWise server.
    • Type rpm -ivh novell-sms-1.1.4-16.i586.rpm (Replace novell-sms-1.1.4-16.i586.rpm with the exact name of the rpm)
    • Once it is installed, please type rcnovell-smdrd start and press [Enter]
  3. Once novell-sms is running, shut down the GroupWise agents by typing rcgrpwise stop and press [Enter]
  4. Also, shut down the GroupWise Monitor Agent by typing rcgrpwise-ma stop and press [Enter]
  5. Type the following replacing /media/nss/mail with the path to the PO volume:
    /opt/novell/sms/bin/tsatest --path /media/nss/mail
    Note: The command above is an example of what would be entered, the path will need to be updated to reflect your environment.
  6. Enter the Username as root and the root's password.
  7. Watch the Effective MB/min and it is recommended that it should be at least around 800 MB/min.

If it is lower than that, then please fine make sure that /var is moved to a disk with faster Input/Output or fine tune the Disk if possible


Host has slow Disk I/O Performance.