FAMT and Filr processes stopped without obvious reason.

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  • 24-Jul-2013
  • 25-Jul-2013


Novell Filr 1.0


At random moments the Filr environment becomes unavailable. 
It is found that the Filr and FAMT processes where stopped without obvious reason.

The Filr server is running low on disk space, more specific the root file system / has less than 10% available disk space


Both process can be started manually again using either:
1) CLI commands rcovell-famtd start and rcfilr start
2) Login to the VA Admin Console at https://server_ip:9443 | Appliance System Configuration | System Services | select Novell Filr and Novell FAMT > Action > Start

This however is not a permanent solution, for this the root file system / has to be either:
1) Cleaned up, possible core files need to be deleted to make sure more than 10% available space is available.
2) The root file system / needs to be increased in size.


A script is scheduled to run hourly which checks for available disk space on /var, the script will only log it's activity to /var/opt/novell/va_status 
When the used space reaches 90% both the Filr and FAMT process will be stopped by the script.

Additional Information

An enhancement request has been made, to make it more visible if the script has unloaded the Filr and FAMT processes.