ERROR: "Undeliverable recipient(s) with Response: 504 Need Fully Qualified Address"

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  • 19-Jul-2013
  • 05-Sep-2013


Novell GroupWise 2012


    GWIA does not send message from reply rule
    Creator of rule gets undeliverable recipient(s) message from Postmaster
    ERROR: "Response: 504 Need Fully Qualified Address"
    GWIA inbound/outbound messages work fine, except for reply rule


    1. Launch ConsoleOne
    2. Click Tools | GroupWise System Opertions | Select Domain and connect to the Domain
    3. Right click on GWIA and click Properties
    4. Under the SMTP/MIME tab select "Address Handling"
    5. Under the "Outbound Settings"
    6. Select "Use GroupWise user address as Mail From: for rule generated messages"
    7. Click "Apply"
    8. Click "OK"
    9. Restart GWIA


    Rule generated messages are handled a little differently at the GWIA to help to prevent looping messages.   The "From" information also can be populated by adding a postmaster to the GWIA.

    Additional Information

    Steps to Duplicate:
    1. In the GroupWise client
    2. Click Tools | Rules
    3. Click "New"
    4. Enter a rule name
    5. When event is: new item and items are "Received"
    6. Then actions are: Add Action | Reply
    7. Options: Reply to sender
    8. Select "include message received from sender"
    9. Click "OK"
    10. Enter subject and message
    11. Click "OK"
    12. Click "Save"
    13. Enable the rule
    When you receive a message the rule will reply to it
    GWIA does not deliver the reply message