SSLVPN Logout redirects to an other proxy service.

  • 7012892
  • 17-Jul-2013
  • 13-Sep-2013


NetIQ Access Manager 3.2 SP2
NetIQ Access Manager SSLVPN Service running on Access Gateway Server


After updating to a working NAM 3.2.1 to NAM 3.2 SP2, the SSLVPN Logout URL failed - instead of logging the user out, a 404 message was displayed on the browser instead. Looking at the logout URL causing the 404, we could see that the user was being redirected to the right logout link, but on another proxy service instead.


In Admin Console under Devices > Access Gateways > Edit > Advanced Options
In the AG Advanced Options include the following line.
Update the Access Gateways afterward:

NAGGlobalOptions NAGDisableExternalRewrite=on


Cross proxy rewriting was incorrectly being performed and the wrong proxy DNS name is getting appended with the logout link.