DSfW: Installing DSfW returns ERR_FOREST_EXISTS

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  • 09-Jul-2013
  • 09-Jul-2013


Novell Open Enterprise Server 11.1 (OES11SP1)
Domain Services for Windows


Installing DSfW new Forest and Domain.
Installing DSfW returns ERR_FOREST_EXISTS


DSfW was installed at one point, the DSfW server was removed, but the tree was not cleaned up.

Follow KB 7005431 to completely remove DSfW.


This is the command that checks for existing Forest
In this example the domain is dsfw.lan, the user is admin.novell and the ip address is
/opt/novell/xad/share/dcinit/provisionTools.sh forest-query -d dsfw.lan -a 'cn=admin.o=novell' -p

The script is running ldapsearch with the filter and attribute to return of:
        filter: "(&(objectclass=crossref)(ncName=o=fvl))"
        attribute: "dnsRoot"

The only object with an objectlass of crossref  will have the name of the netbios name in the cn=Partitions,cn=Configuration,o=novell

Example with a netbios name of DSFWDOMAIN:

This object should not exist if creating a new forest and domain. The configuration container should not exist.  Follow KB 7005431 to completely remove DSfW.