GWIA unable to process received mail

  • 7012748
  • 01-Jul-2013
  • 01-Jul-2013


Novell GroupWise


Mail items building up in receive directory of GWIA.
Users not receiving mail from the outside.
No errors in corresponding log files.


  1. Stop the GWIA agent
    rcgrpwise stop <nameOfGWIA>.<nameOfDomain>
    ex: rcgrpwise stop gwia.dom

  2. From a terminal window, change directory (cd) to the GWIA directory (ex: domain/wpgate/gwia/receive).
  3. Move items that begin with the letter x to the tmp directory:
    mv x* /tmp
  4. Move items that have 0 bytes to the tmp directory:
    mv `find . -size 0` /tmp
  5. Verify no unusually large message files are blocking the queue:
    to the domain/wpgate/gwia/receive directory
    • Type the following command: ll -sh or ls -lsh
      Note: The above command lists the files sorting by size with the largest appearing first.

  6. Start the GWIA agent:
    rcgrpwise start gwia.dom


Message items that begin with an 'x' perhaps are stuck being processed by the agent and likely blocking the entire queue. Abnormally large message files and messages with 0 bytes might also block the queue and prevent processing.