When using a "non-Novell Credential Provider" configuration, what Novell credential Provider cofiguration settings will be effective?

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  • 27-Jun-2013
  • 27-Jun-2013


Novell Client 2 SP3 for Windows 7


The administrator has configured the Novell Client to use a non-Novell credential provider by setting the Novell Client Properties Advanced Login setting "Login with Non-Novell Credential Provider" to "On".

With this configuration, are any Novell Client login settings applied?


Most Novell Client login settings will not be effective when using a non-Novell credential provider to logon. Setting such as "Computer Only Logon Default" only have meaning when the Novell Client credential provider is actually being used.  In this example, when logging in through a non-Novell credential provider, there is no "Novell Logon versus Computer Only Logon" mode for us to control.

However, one setting which does still have an effect is "Computer Only Logon If Not Connected".

Even if "Logon with non-Novell Credential Provider" is enabled, and a non-Novell credential provider is actually used, during the Novell Client's "second chance" eDirectory-only logon, the "Computer Only Logon If Not Connected" criteria is still evaluated to determine whether the computer is connected to a network on which an eDirectory logon attempt should be performed.

This is an exception to the "normal" login process. Evaluating "Logon with non-Novell Credential Provider" was added so that users who want to primariily use Microsoft's credential provider and passively login to eDirectory only when needed could use the "Computer Only Logon If Not Connected" configuration to indicate on which networks a passive eDirectory login should even be attempted.

Additional Information

Note "Logging in with a non-Novell credential provider) can happen in one of two ways: "Novell Logon" is set to "Off" and you simply don't see any Novell credential tiles at all.  Or, "Novell Logon" is still "On" but there is another credential provider active too, and either the user interactively chooses one of those credentials instead of Novell's, or software forcibly chooses one of the non-Novell credentials on their behalf.